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Testimonials / customer thoughts

Satish Kumar

"Other online user analysis and reports I have bought have been extensive and written well but not realistic in the very real world. Ultimately this is a very expensive DIY solution.

E-commerce user experience reports that I bought advise that I source clients from different continents, this involves highly controlled lab conditions, international flights that I haven't even calculated, custom written tests and documents both written and online. It even suggest a heart measuring EMFI chair, which after some research I found isn't even in production, as it's still just a prototype.

Many of these user testing report providers offer private consultancy for this well in excess of $40,000. Honestly I think some people in the User Testing market believe large corporations have 'whatever' money to spend on this, but we have a budget and want good value just like any company big or small.

Testing Users is a great service, I bought 10 packages and it gave me a panel of people far greater than what I would have received if I had have gone down the private usability test route.

I'm well under budget and Testing User.com are highly recommended."

James Roth

"I commissioned five testing videos for just under $300. I can't believe this is the price tag to receive voice over videos my teenage son could have done. Even though I had requested a certain demographic and that the testers have some information about the way we operate passed on to them, I still received some ridiculous suggestions like 'get an online store' despite it being made clear that we are a custom design company, holding no stock, hence no store.

The money I can live with but I'm a stakeholder in the company and my time is precious, especially when it comes to sitting through these videos to try to get out and analyze meaningful stuff for my report.

There was some revelations to be had but nothing mind blowing.

Testing User gave me the full package. A wide ranging user testing panel, a report, analytics and opinions. Ten times more for half the price.

They are the future for small business Usability & user Testing!!."

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Alex Coleman

"The cost/reward ratio of these video sites to test my users is not what I expected. Though we did get some comprehensive feedback, the money and the time spent analyzing the data with my team could have produced far better and economical results using the Testing User model.

The Testing User analysis I have received is very impressive and enough for me and my CFO to award all future usability testing work to TestingUsers.com. The service definitely stands out as a new and improved way to conduct Usability Testing research.

Instead of writing a blank cheque for what are effectively home movies I have in my hand a great value, professional document, ready for me to take in the board room.

I only wish Testing User had started 4 years ago."

Claire Phillips

"We knew our website was dated and needed some work, the competition comparison element of the Testing User analysis unexpectedly turned out to be the most valuable.

Our competitors were always giving their visitors the option to 'buy' and 'return to the store', we did this but not with the regularity which made the difference.

The suggestion was made in the recommendations part of the TU analysis. We did it and got results. We have plenty of people in our office who 'think' they know what's wrong with our website but as we've seen no one one knows better about usability that the users.

Good Work Testing User."


"Great to resell on to my customers, it's a bargain at the price (and does the job very, very well too!)"

"I have been frustrated with a lot of other usability products/services for testing user experience before, - not yours - this is just what I need."
Ivan Jawoski

"Every small business should be using this product, - it doesn't cost an arm and a leg, and it has certainly helped to double my bottom line in terms of web sales."
Jenny Bradshaw

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