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Testing Users announces launch of ‘LITE Usability Testing’ report

Testing Users .com have announced the launch of a new cost-effective user testing service which gives organizations of any size the opportunity to understand the make-up of their website and find out where there are brand deficiencies, functionality problems and conversion bottle necks, without the huge expense traditionally associated with such services.

As part of our new LITE usability review service customers will receive a comprehensive usability testing study based upon the analysis of their website using industry standard user testing methodologies.

This 30+ page graphical report will be delivered in 3-5 days outlining statistics and recommendations for improving the customer's website proposition, including an expert review, a comparison between competitors and detailed data to show the effectiveness of design, content, navigation, brand, accessibility & functionality.

Using a testing panel involving 150 users with with over 180 questions per usability test, user experience methodologies such as SUS, QUIS, CSUQ & SUMI are analyzed and data is collated to provide the customers with a heuristic view and a measurable weighted report of the websites effectiveness and how it functions and behaves in the 'real world' .

Sam M (CEO) said “ Feedback can be displayed in a way that is tailored to the user responses. Clearly displayed in both graphics and text customers will receive an analysis report that gives them instant feedback and statistical summaries. Customers no longer have to have an in house usability expert now -they just instruct us. It is simple, quick and effective, with our reports being comprehensive and clear enough to present to any business stakeholders with the greatest of ease“

Testing User Announces Launch of “Boardroom Ready” Usability Presentation Reports

New product offers an easy way to present usability and user testing findings to peers and stakeholders.

As part of their existing usability services and product suite, Testing User.com has announced the launch of a "Boardroom ready" product which allows clients to easy showcase and present their website/product usability findings in one simple PowerPoint presentation.

Allowing key stakeholders to understand clearly data findings from User Testing & Usability scenarios with speed, ease, comfort and accuracy, the “Boardroom Presentation” presentation helps to provide qualitative and quantitative results based upon user experience and usability methodologies such as SUMI, SUS, QUIS, & CSUQ.

Data is analyzed and collated to produce a presentation that provides a valuable insight into why user testing can help a company understand customer’s behavior, attitudes and feelings whilst on their products, and reasons why to invest in more testing to improve on conversion, ROI and the products offering.

The Industry can expect a lot more in the future from Testing Users as it continues to thrust towards creating a cost effective product suite that utilizes best of breed usability testing /user testing methodologies and practices, to deliver quick and truly measurable data reports for all market sectors.

“Taking into account the current growth of online usability testing,” said Frank Holland, “we have analyzed a lot of the already successful and popular user testing offerings, and we feel that this product will bridge a much-needed gap in how to extract and explain data to company owners easily.

“By fulfilling the needs of this particular niche in the company presentation market place, we can also open the way for more possibilities and opportunities.”

Testing Users.com extend Marketing Opportunities for Clients and third Parties.

TestingUser.com today launched its Affiliate and Reseller Program, offering clients and third parties the opportunity to generate paid commissions through its acquisition program.

Testing Users sees the new affiliate and acquisition program as a cost effective way of building strong and long term business relationships with clients/partners who often play a pivotal role in providing a different layer of feedback on what users are actually looking for from a search perspective.

The program has an open membership for English speaking websites, and features a 15% lifetime commission on all revenue generated from referred sales for their User Testing analysis products.

“This opportunity and program is definitely a clear win-win for Testing Users for our clients/partners, both small and large,” said Frank Holland, Testing Users Director of Marketing. “By working closely with affiliate portals we are not only expanding access to Testing Users.com, and increasing sales, but we are also helping site owners to understands where there own website pitfalls are, – and what they need to change to help improve usability, conversion and better their ROI. Either way , by improving their product experience it helps us to to increase our generated sales.”

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