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Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?
The testing user analysis report starts at is $125.00 for our basic package (LITE), with special packages being also being available for multiple orders. On top of that there are PRO packages and bespoke ones for partners offering cost effective solutions for user testing solutions on multiple orders.

Can I pay for my user testing in other currencies?
Yes you can. We offer the ability to pay in Euros, GBP, Canadian Dollars, US Dollars, Australian Dollars, Chinese Yua or Japaense Yen, and by simply selecting the currency option you will see the price change accordingly.

How long is the report and what is it made up of?
The standard testing user analysis report is over 30 pages, containing research on over 180+ questions covering 20 different topics and areas of analysis.
You receive this along with detailed charts and analysis on the areas analysed.

Can I see a sample of the Testing Users Document?
Yes if you click here you can see our overview of what we offer.

Do I need to instruct you on specific questions and areas of analysis for my user testing?
No you don't. We are confident our product is comprehensive and detailed enough in dealing with the above outlined areas of analysis. If you like though though there is an option to include a specific task/question of what you want the users to test, which is is available on the order section of the website.

Can I test and compare competitors website?
Yes you can, just let us know the URL in the special instructions box of the ordering/inquiry form. Unlike our competitors this service is part of the package and included in the price.

What if my site is only partially working or still under construction?
No problem. Again if you make us aware of this in the special instructions box of the ordering/inquiry form we will pass on this information to all members of our team involved in the project.

Who is your user panel made up of?
Our user panel is made up of several thousand geographical spread people. Most are recruited through word of mouth, crowd sourcing and social media, with approximately 50% located in the EU and North America, 35% in Asia and 15% Rest of the World.
All users are required to undertake our sample user tests. We reject about 15% of applicants.

Is this service confidential?
Yes. All our users are required to sign a confidentiality disclaimer specific to your project.

Is this service safe and secure?
Yes. Our ordering facility is secure and safe, with our payment processing being done easily and securely by third party providers such as PayPal, which offer 100% protection on your payments.

Can I receive the user analysis report without reference to testingusers.com?
Yes no problem. If you tell us that you wish the report without our logo, when filling in the enquiry form we can send the report to you with no reference to testingusers.com on it.

Can you send me an invoice?
To keep the process as cost effective as possible we do ask for payment in advance, either by credit or debit card or you can use pay pal.
If this isnt possible for any reason please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you with one of our alternative method, including bank transfer. Bank transfer details are available on the ordering part of the website.

How long does it take from me ordering and paying, to receiving my report?
We aim to provide you with your report within 5 working days for the LITE verison, and for PRO versions up to 7 working days.
If you require a lead time quicker than this we can fast track the solution for you, but this will add additional costs, as we will need to source testers who can deliver quicker than normal. Please contact us to discuss.

If I am not happy with the service and the report that I have received can I get my money back?
We will review all requests for refunds on a case-by-case basis, and where applicable we will be more than happy to refund the costs of the service (Subject to reports not being distributed and used). Please go to the returns area of the website and submit your request if you are not satisfied.

I would like a simple presentation to present to my boss/colleagues, - do you provide one with your service?
As part of the extended LITE service or PRO services we offer a 'Boardroom ready' power point presentation that simplifies the report information into a more direct format, that is easy to present as your own to your peers.
This is compressed into a 10+ page slideshow highlighting most critical usability issues of your product.

Can I make money reselling your service?
Yes! We have a 15% product purchase referral affiliate system. So you simply paste a link on your website that points to our, - if a user clicks through to TestingUsers and then orders, you will recieve 15% of the total order made.
To sign up to become an affiliate please go to the Affiliates page and register. Payments will be made at the end of the month on commission.

What our customers think

"After recently spending a huge budget on Usability Testing Research with other companies, I was amazed with your product, - its extremely reasonable in price, and certainly the results have contributed to an increase in our website conversion."
Darren Walsh

"This service was recommended by a friend;- I wish I would have found it earlier. Excellent data and insight into my stores' bottle-necks."
Julius Thomson

"I have used this service 5 times now, each for my different products, and I am still astonished to see what people actually think when it comes to brand, content and usability testing."
Suzy Whitehouse