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Many of our customers believe that the only way to get reliable and consistent user testing results is to outsource the data collection to a market research firm and/or to receive video analysis of users, - and some of them, particularly even go to the lengths of commissioning very costly laboratory tests.

All of these have their advantages and disadvantages, but as a general rule of thumb, costs for these tests generally exceed 10-15% of what our customers are initially quoted, simply because the results paid for are rarely as comprehensive as what customers expect or want. This of course also means that our customers have incurred time delays extending or commissioning new tests, all of which can be counter productive in companies who use the agile methodology to support their product development.

When our customers tell us about their video testing experiences it is clear that they have to devote a lot of time creating questions that need to be asked, validating and approving the tasks and identifying that the participants chosen are suitable for your test, and of course not to mention that it also takes a lot longer if they choose their ow.

Whilst doing our own independent research involving our customers, indications show that on average it can take anywhere between 70-85 man hours to commission one of these tests, analyse and present the results, with typically, user testing companies charging anywhere between $30 and $75 per video.

For most of our customers this has proved not to be so cost effective as they have often requirments to gather more meaningful metric analysis to give to their stakeholders for buy in. Results matter and often the only way to gauge this is through meaningful numbers, so typically roughly between 75 and 100 people are needed to make such judgments. Working with Testing Users gives them that flexibility with little effort.

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