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Thursday 27 October 2011 - Filed under Usability News

In my experience there is no better way to prepare a product or service for the gruelling competitive market than Usability Testing. Just the thought of gaining a little insight into how a product really performs is enough to convert most product designers. There is a ‘but’ though.

The price for connecting with real users in the real world may be enough to make you think twice, and ask yourself whether this investment is really worth it? You may some experience in the world of User Testing, or you may even be a Usability consultant, but lets be honest the one thing we all know is that the serious testing products out there are all but out of reach to most businesses.

It’s really grown in the last 5-6 years so it would be safe to assume that the quality of the products have grown with it. However though we see some very sophisticated Usability products out there, we don’t yet have the full package. Until now.

Well firstly what is the full package? You the client seem unhappy with the products already on the market in that the basics models out there seem to be lagging behind with your expectations. As an example lets look at Video Testing, it’s a sophisticated product however in the real world where User Testing is still in it’s infancy and has yet to be accepted in every businesses board room, why should clients receive just a video?

Most clients who come to Testing User are looking for a Usability overview. A clear explanation of how well their websites message is communicated. They want to see how it rates against the competition and what the User perception of the different areas of interest actually is.

It’s not too much too ask. Why would those in business who’s time is precious want to devout time which could otherwise be spent on the project sifting through videos or data to only then have to spend more time making it presentation ready for the board room.

Sure there are services out there which can do this at a price. By ‘a price’ we are talking quite literally anywhere between $5000 and $100,000 dollars, and also there are many budget services out there which can provide you a user video for around $40. Why though do these two services operate so far apart?

The feedback we have received from clients seems to indicate a frustration amongst those in large corporations as to the expectation from the Usability industry that they are to always pay a higher price to receive the full package. On the other hand those looking to invest in usability from small businesses feel like they can only obtain moderate testing for their money.

In my opinion the questions good User Testing can answer are too important not to ask. Why do Users leave my website? Where do they leave? Where would they go?

Its become a standard in the majority of design and development teams and has been incorporated by many into their market research model. However its image is that of something which has to be done, a necessary evil if you like. More often than not this is because the products out there are just not fit for purpose. This relates to the cost versus reward ratio because most of the worthwhile products out there require a large capital expenditure and also a large commitment of your time.

The Testing User analysis is what makes our service different to other Usability services on the market. The model is to bring both the ease of budget testing together with the confidence of consultancy.

By that I mean you get a 30 page analysis document that gives you the Usability overview you need. It takes advantage of impressive survey technology to take your website to our dedicated Usability panel. It allows you to connect with your users and receive the document in your inbox presentation ready. The data is accurate and presented to you in a clear and usable way. Afterall what is the point of conducting User Testing if any of the findings or implications are not communicated clearly?

Testing User helped people achieve their Usability goals from a wide variety of industries and sectors. Our clients operate in e-commerce, retail sales, manufacturing and government departments.

2011-10-27  »  Sam

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