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Testing User is a service which allows company owners to analyze and evaluate their online experience by User Testing, measuring their customer and clients satisfaction, and quickly and efficiently implementing website & product improvements, conversion and flow issues, based upon real user feedback. Testing User.com provides comprehensive real user feedback as a professional report, using industry standard User Testing & Usability methodologies.

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Successful companies want feedback in a format that allows for in-depth analysis and corporate development. After all we are dealing with a complex topic, your website. The testing user analysis is a new approach that gives an organization of any size truly measurable and optimized quantitative feedback.

Whilst the analysis addresses the obvious concerns of appearance and functionality we recognize that the feedback you receive should ultimately address as many of your website and business concerns as possible. What people like and dont like, what works and what doesnt, why they stay, why they leave and also analysis of your competitors web presence.

The Testing User approach is to analyze from both a subjective and objective angle, reporting and comprehensively analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of your web presence and usability in an affordable and cost-effective package. We have created a system which ensures our clients excel and get a healthy return on their investments.

Unlike our competitors the Testing User analysis provides both expert analysis and opinion, with usability reviews of everyday internet users. This is provided to you in the form of definitive report. This usability testing & user testing report is comprehensive and 'presentation ready', even for the large organization.

We promise:

Easy to read layout and design :: Feedback from our expert testing panel that is 100% word for word accurate :: A large variety of questions available to ask our user experience panel, including the option to customize these :: A presentation ready report :: Insight into your competitions web presence using our detailed analytic s and comparison from our experienced panel. :: Good value for money.


We also recommend a full product test choosing a high-quality testing service using best practice with software testing company QA Madness.

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